Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Combos PKFDTZ02


Item number: PKFDTZ02

Product name: Flying fishing full kit

Fly fishing rod: 2.4m 4 sections 111g

Fly fishing reel: 3/4

Fly jigs: 5pcs

Fly fishing line: WF4F line



FLY FISHING COMBOS – fly fishing Complete Starter Package including: a fly fishing rod, fly line, backing and leader, a carrying rod case, a fly bag, a fly reel,12pcs/set Fly Fishing Flies.

FLY ROD – 8FT #3/4wt 4-PIECE fly fishing rod with High-grade cork grip adds hand comfort and extra rod control. Solid wood reel seat Stainless steel stripper guide with SiC ring.

FLY FISHING REEL – black 3/4 reel has stainless steel internal components, a quick release spool, and a disc drag for fine tension adjustments.

Fly FISHING BAG – The travel case allows you to store and transport the rod with the reel on the handle for quick use when you arrive.


OEM is accept.

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